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Stable Comfort What is Stable Comfort?

StableComfort™ is a wall-to-wall waterproof stall mat system. Not only is it ergonomic, efficient and economical, but it is also environmentally-friendly.

Pricing starts at $600* usd
(* for a 10x10’ stall)

Stable Comfort Premium Premium comfort

Additional comfort that has an innovative, engineered high density memory foam layer which retains its shape and increases blood flow and comfort for your equine.

Pricing starts at $785* usd
(* for a 10x10’ stall)

Stable Wall What is Stable Wall?

StableWall is the perfect addition to any horse stall. Combined with StableComfort, The Ultimate in Stall Flooring; creates the perfect stall environment for your horse. StableWall is comprised of pre-engineered foam panels covered with the durable StableComfort top cover.

Pricing starts at $780.00* usd
(*for 3 walls of a 10x10’ stall that are 46” high, ¾” thick)

Horse Rubber Mats Not your ordinary rubber mat

Promat solid horse rubber mats are the softest mats on the market! Versatile yet flexible and manufactured exclusively with the highest content of premium virgin rubber. Specifically designed for high traffic areas in your horse/dairy barn and have proven to be the most durable. Promat solid horse rubber mats are available in straight edge as well as interlocking.

Pricing starts at $73

EZ Grip Mat Mover Every barn needs at least two!

Frustrated with trying to move your heavy, awkward stall and trailer mats? Now this clever tool can make your life easier and moving your mats a breeze!

Pricing starts at $20

Non-toxic crystal that keeps your arena footing optimally comfortable and dust-free

Stablecomfort’s Dust-Free is a safe, non-toxic crystal that absorbs 150+ times itself in water... then gradually releases moisture back into the footing, rehydrating it & effectively eliminating dust while reducing the need to water the arena.

StableComfort I-Mat Rubber Paver All season all weather durability

Size: 54”W x 32”L x 1.25” thick or 12 sq. ft. per tile These pavers are ideal alternatives to brick pavers because of their all weather, anti-slip, interlocking design. Fast and easy installation make these ideal for any high traffic area.

Price: $108.75 each

StableComfort Keystone Rubber Paver Safe, anti-slip and all weather surface surface

Size: 37”W x 37”L x 1.125” thick or 9.5 sq. ft. per tile StableComfort Keystone Rubber Flooring offers a patented true 4 way interlock with the elegance of the keystone-cobble pattern. 100% made from recycled tires, these pavers are easy to install, withstand all weather conditions and have a safe, anti-slip surface.

Price: $89.50 each

StableComfort Stall Cleanser Stall Flooring Cleanser

NEW PRODUCT Easy and effective way to clean and sanitize stalls between use This product is safe for your equine and won’t harm your flooring investment

Fresh citronella scent to deter insects Manufacturer Recommended

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