Why Choose StableComfort?



StableComfort is the most ergonomic, efficient and economical stall flooring available.


  • Ultimate Comfort – Stable Comfort stall flooring provides unsurpassed comfort through a resilient stall surface which mimics natural turf. Horses on Stable Comfort stall flooring are encouraged to lie down to rest more often and for longer periods of time. While standing, this stall mat system provides a supportive, even surface. While lying down the Stable Comfort stall flooring decreases the time line of injury rehabilitation and aids in loosening stiff joints. The Stable Comfort stall mat system provides insulation from the cold and a barrier against dampness from concrete floors. The equine performance industry reports less leg fatigue and a reduction in tissue fluid accumulation with the Stable Comfort stall flooring system.
  • Non-Slip – Stable Comfort stall flooring provides a non-slip surface, enabling safer and easier movement. In fact, many veterinary facilities are taking advantage of this benefit in their post-anesthetic stalls.
  • Air Quality – The Stable Comfort stall mat system is equivalent to a minimum of four inches of bedding. Research from the Equine Research Centre in Guelph, Ontario has found that using a fraction of the bedding with the Stable Comfort stall flooring system improves stable air quality without sacrificing horse comfort. Less bedding means less dust!
  • Joints and Sores – The Stable Comfort stall mat system is designed with a horse-friendly surface. The incidence of hock sores are drastically reduced and even completely eliminated with the use of the Stable Comfort stall mat system. The supportive, yet forgiving, characteristics of Stable Comfort have produced proven results in animals with joint problems.
  • Foaling – Excellent environment for foaling! Stable Comfort stall flooring provides great footing for the active and energetic newborn, not to mention the easy clean up when the foaling is over.


  • Bedding – The Stable Comfort stall mat system is the equivalent to 4-6” (10-15cm) of wood shavings which allows you to reduce bedding usage without sacrificing horse comfort.
  • Labour – Cut muck out time in half! Less bedding means less work and lower costs! The wall-to-wall installation of StableComfort stall flooring means dirty bedding stays on top where it can be easily removed. In many areas, disposing of your soiled bedding is very costly. This stall mat system can reduce your manure pile up to 65%, thereby putting more money in your pocket.
  • Stall Maintenance – Because Stable Comfort stall flooring covers the entire floor, horses are unable to dig, thereby drastically reducing stall maintenance.