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Promat Inc., the inventor and manufacturer of Pasture Mat®, Pack Mat™, and Poly Pillow™ has set the Golden standard in the dairy industry. This product revolutionized the industry through cow comfort research and education. The expertise gained through the development of Pasture Mat® enabled Promat Inc. to create StableComfort™. This superior stall mat system benefits the entire equine industry. Horses from various equine disciplines are enjoying the benefits and rewards of this stall flooring system, and have been for over a decade.

StableComfort also offers premium solid horse rubber mats. Not to be confused with rubber mats available at your local hardware store, our premium solid rubber mats are versatile yet flexible and manufactured exclusively with the highest content of premium virgin rubber. Specifically designed for high traffic areas in your horse/dairy barn and have proven to be the most durable. StableComforts solid horse rubber mats are available in straight edge as well as interlocking.