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Mark King


” Having Stable Comfort fitted in my stables has halved our mucking out time. My top event horses are more relaxed and comfortable with the cushioning provided by Stable Comfort flooring. A first class product which is a great addition to my yard”
Mary King,  Salcombe Regis, Devon, UK   3x Olympic Medalist, 3x World Equestrian Games Medalist,  2x Gold Medialist at the European Eventing Championships & 4x British Open Champion.



“A number of these horses were on complete box rest, and so the StableComfort™ provided the comfortable, durable, non-slip footing required. I would recommend the StableComfort™ system as a good option for people rehabilitating horses but also as a good flooring for day-to-day stable use.”
Tessa Muir B.V.Sc (Hons),  Ascot Vale Equine Clinic,  Victoria, Australia


TEX117The StableComfort stall floor system has put the finishing touch to our goal of the perfect stabling environment for our horses. They rest better and seem to be much more relaxed and comfortable. I notice a better attitude due to a relief from the hard flooring that is common in most stabling areas. Very easy to clean and maintain with less bedding material. I only wish they were portable.”
Craig Johnson,  Gainesville, TX
$1 Million Dollar Rider – 15 Time World Champion – 2 Time NRHA Futurity Champion – International Gold Team Member in Spain



”We have had the StableComfort™ flooring system in our main intensive care stall for two years. It has been very impressive regarding its durability, serviceability and ease of care. I would have no hesitation in using this flooring in any new barn .”
James R. Vasey BVSc (Hons) Dip. Vet Surg FACVSc, Registered Specialist in Equine Surgery,   Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital, Victoria, Australia


Nick Skelton

”I’ve tried a lot of stable floor products over the years. Finally I have a Mattress that does what it’s supposed to do. StableComfort is installed in one piece which means we have no maintenance. My horses are safe and happy in their stable, and my muck heap is much more manageable.”
Nick Skelton, Shrewley, Warwickshire, UK   Olympic Medalist, 5x World Championship Medalist & 9x European Championship Medalalist



After much research, we decided to go with the StableComfort system. Wow what a difference!! The horses are more rested, they don’t stock up from being in their stalls and are pretty much pain free, not to mention, mucking stalls is a breeze”
Stacey Ryder, Director,   Youngsville, NC    Reins From Above Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc


Amy 2 smallAmy 1 small

“Thanks so much for your help and EXCELLENT customer service! Also, for selling such a wonderful product. When we bring the horses in for their grain, we often have to leave them inside longer than we would like because they hurry and eat, flop down, and go straight to sleep. I give the mattresses 2 thumbs up and the 5 of them absolutely give them a 4 hooves up, 5-star rating!”
Amy Hallinan, Springfield, OH


“The results were excellent and immediate. It totally eliminated any problems we have experienced in the past with horses “stocking up” and the stalls are very easy to clean. In fact, it takes only one bag of shavings to bed down a 10’ x 12’ stall and one person can clean all 7 the stalls in 45 minutes or less.”
Jack Silver, Jr.   Pryor, OK    Silver Leaf Ranch


We have a mare with Cushing’s Syndrome & constant laminitis as a result and doesn’t move around much. Since installing the StableComfort system, she is much more comfortable (really doesn’t want to leave the stall at all!), but her legs are not stocked up like they used to be when stalled on 3/4” rubber mats. This is a huge improvement.”
Shelley Headley,   Port Perry, ON   Cedar Valley Stables

“The horses are spoiled by the mats and we have no stall sores or stocking up. Our show horses take a nap, laying flat every afternoon, like clockwork! Stripping the stall is NEVER needed. No more dragging mats, digging out raised areas, fixing corners, etc. Stripping the stall is NEVER needed. No more dragging mats, digging out raised areas, fixing corners, etc.”
Mary Anne Sedlacek,   Yates Center, KS   NEA Performance Horses



”My  16.1 paint gelding suddenly became ill on Monday night. Lethargic, running a fever of 106 F, definitely an emergency. First order of business was to try to keep him from foundering until the vet could diagnose him. Any owner who has tried to ice a horse’s feet  for hours until the situation passes knows how difficult, frustrating and exhausting that process can be.
So… since the stall system is fully sealed, I decided to remove the bedding and use the stall as one giant ice bucket.  Cold hosed him in the stall and then added 20 lb bags of ice as needed.  Worked like a charm. Even as the ice melted, the water was very cold.  When I got too much water, just vacuumed it out with a shop vac, added more ice, etc.

I put the mat system in about 8 years ago and it is still in top condition. Attached is a picture (not glamorous but… very effective).  Founder was averted and the horse is doing great.
Thanks for offering such a great product!”
Rhonda Kurtz,   Denver, PA


Not only have we reduced the amount of bedding we use in these stalls, we feel it has provided our horses with a cleaner, safer, more comfortable environment. This product is a must for any stable searching for that extra edge in efficiency.”
Frank G. Merill,  Yates Center, KS  Cowan Select Horses LLC at Windward Stud


”I have had my StableComfort™ for 7 years, and my horses walk out to pasture completely sound every day, I believe in large part to the comfort built into StableComfort™.”
Faith McDonald,  Griffin, SK


The horses love it because it is comfortable, I love it because it looks perfect (even after 8 years). We bed the stalls only as needed and use far less shavings than I ever could have imagined, and it takes less time to clean stalls when using less bedding.”
Anne Doerge,  Little Rock, AR


image 2



“I 💜 my StableComfort stall mattresses!”
Jennifer Stanovich,  Austin, TX





”The Stable Comfort flooring system is a better product than I imagined. It has streamlined our cleaning efforts and reduced the amount of bedding discarded daily.”
Laura Levy,   Babson Park, FL


”Our horse stalls are underneath part of our house, so we were very concerned about being able to keep the stalls clean and odor-free. We have found StableComfort™ very easy to clean. We don’t use as many pine shavings when we clean out our stalls. We spray them down and then add a small amount of shavings, and our stalls are clean and we notice very minimal odor. Our horses are also very comfortable in their stalls.”
Lou,  Tetonia, ID


”We installed the flooring systems in our boarding barn in 2009. We recently added two more stalls and reordered the systems again. These are very durable and comfortable. Most recently we had a Friesian, weighing over 2,000 lbs living on the mats and they have held up beautifully. We highly recommend the product.”
Debra Spellings

Missy in stall


”Thank you for the mats. Missy definitely approves 
Sarah Kipfer, Mitchell, ON




”I love everything about it! It was easy to install, the DVD and instructions were very helpful. A fabulous product, and was exactly as it was advertised to be. It is definitely waterproof, and even after 3.5 years, and it is beautiful!”
Louisa, Ahwahnee, CA    Warm & Wonderful Equine


“I’ve used the StableComfort system for years now and am sold….amazing durability.”
Diane,   Albany & Bend,  OR  Hardenberg Farms